Hi, I'm Michael.

For more than a decade I’ve helped CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Companies deliver exceptional results. Whether as an Executive Coach, Best-Selling Author or Organisational Development Consultant – I’m committed to helping you decipher and unleash high-performance in your career and life. 




Over the course of my career I’ve compiled a series of questions, assessments and proven models that executives can implement to elevate their performance in work and life. If you intend to reach your career, organisational and personal goals, this series will give you the tools you’re lacking. In order to receive this 5-Part High-Performance Series click on the button below. 

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The high-growth and high-stress environment that comes with being an entrepreneur poses a unique set of challenges. Through this 7-Part Entrepreneurship Series you’ll learn how to use key coaching skills, assessments and models in order to manage your life and enable breakthroughs and high performance inside your business. 

Breakthrough Entrepreneurship Series
Teams & Managers

Organisations are dependent on teams for strategic business results. Whether managerial, strategic, fixed or fluid, getting the most out of a team is a unique skill. The use of Systemic Team Coaching allows for breakthrough results and establishing culture. In order to understand the foundation and benefits of Systemic Team Coaching click on the button below. 

Systemic Team Coaching Series


How can I help you achieve your personal, team or organisational goals? 

Executive Coaching

Creating authentic and well-rounded leaders by changing and improving mindsets, skills and processes. Effecting change within organisations through the development of people.

Personal Coaching

Shifting core beliefs to help find balance, focus, purpose and genuine priorities. Dramatically improving self-worth and providing lasting life-skills using the powerful tools of ‘Game Changer Protocol’.

Keynote Speaking

Delivering a message to not only engage audiences, but to challenge people on a personal level and provide practical tools to accelerate growth.

Systemic Team Coaching

Developing executive and leadership teams in a systemic and integrated way, whilst clarifying stakeholder needs and building relationships to reach new levels of performance.

High-Performance Coaching

Developing high performance mindsets, processes and techniques for elite athletes and sports teams across different sporting codes. I specialise in developing team culture and enabling peak performance under pressure.

Corporate Training

A series of corporate trainings for leaders and managers focused on developing coaching, and self-leadership skills (co-facilitated with my business partner Mike Cooper.)


We hold the license to use or have developed a variety of assessment tools that can be used by individuals or organisations.


We can supply a scalable online learning environment with various modules for large interventions or remote working teams. 

“I’ve known and worked with Michael Cooper for 7 years. He is a key partner as an Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Trainer & Benchmarker on Internal Coach Training and Communication Mastery Programmes, as well as Facilitator for team interventions at different levels of the organisation. Michael is a professional, skilled and experienced coach who has worked with numerous leaders in our organisation to unlock their passion and purpose, and to integrate this in their work and personal lives. This has assisted managers in growing their emotional intelligence and self-management, as well as learning to use a coaching style in their daily interactions with their team members. It has been truly remarkable to work together in bringing coaching to life within the organisational systems, teams and people in so many facets. Thank you for your passion and professionalism in all that you do.” 

Liza Stead – Coaching Specialist, RMB

“I was coached by Michael for the first year of my new role as a board member in a listed organisation. His incisive questioning and strong EQ was instrumental in helping me transition into my role. His ability to impart useful concepts and tools that can be  used on a daily basis was extremely valuable in practicing what I had learned and agreed with him at our monthly session. I always felt that our sessions were tailored to me and my needs vs a standard session. I would recommend Mike to anyone who is open to learning and growing in their career, and anyone that needs someone to coach them through turbulent times.” 

Director – SAB Miller

“Insure engaged Michael Cooper as an executive coach. He worked with the executive team as a team coach and also with me personally as an executive coach. I Found working working with Michael to be useful and insightful and he helped me and my team as we transitioned into a new phase of the business. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking for either an executive or team coach.” 

Charl Cilliers – Managing Director, Insure Group


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    Mike’s books (co-authored with his business partner Tim Goodenough) showcase intensive research on high performance across a variety of fields. Following on from this research they’ve developed a large variety of models and tools which the reader can use to unleash their own peak-performance whether it be at work, in sport or their personal life. 

    What makes one athlete great and another merely good? Twenty world class athletes share their stories of what enables them to access the ‘zone’ to consistently perform at the top of their game. The result is a powerful set of high performance tools and principles that can be applied in sport, business and life.

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    A comprehensive resource which unpacks the key dynamics and challenges involved in developing talent. The book contains several models and techniques that can be used as part of a self-coaching programme to enable elite talent development in any field.

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